Why Choose Us

WHY US.. ?

We consistently obtain sale prices substantially more than our clients expect to achieve as our Testimonials demonstrate. We regularly review our pricing structure to ensure the luxury service we provide is competitive and in accordance with the company’s philosophy.

The furniture and furnishings we provide are luxury brands and are owned by the company, are purchased regularly to keep up with current trends and are maintained in perfect condition by our staff.

We style our properties so each one has its own unique luxury presentation and our styled properties can easily be distinguished from the generic “styled” look commonly seen these days as our Gallery demonstrates.

Owning all our own stock gives us complete control, guaranteeing you a look that is luxurious, cohesive, balanced, harmonious and welcoming throughout your entire property. Our service is efficient, reliable and very personal.

Our staff is expertly trained to assist you through the entire process from the initial consultation through to the final collection of the furniture and furnishings. Testimonials We are available to assist you at all times.